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I like shoes. (but that's not what this blog is about)i'm in ravenclaw!
(but sometimes it is) I believe in: karma, good will, and magic.

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Jul 11

May 23

Today at Costco, they were giving out free samples of HiChew. That’s right kids, Asian candies IN BULK.

May 15

So the secret ingredient on Iron Chef is blue cheese. However, I heard MOCHIIII and got way too excited. THAT WOULD BE AN AMAZING BATTLE.

Apr 19

An original piece (but actually a collaborative effort with ALantin)

Can’t beat my, can’t beat my,

no you can’t beat my GPA

(cuz I’m Asian cuz I’m Asian wut!)

Mah mah mah GPA mah mah GPA

Mah mah mah GPA mah mah GPA